Pure Ibiza Radio borns of the irrepressible desire that has brought it this far, is the culmination of 25 years of Ibiza’s electronic music history, brought to life by its creator and musical stalwart of the island- internationally renowned DJ/producer, David Moreno. This, his latest brainchild, is a project born of his love for electronic music combined with his love for Ibiza & Formentera- the Pitiusa islands.

And so, it’s time for a new chapter in the life of Moreno- an enthusiastic commitment to the listener and the island he calls home. Pure Ibiza Radio brings with it the possibility of direct and sincere communication, a link between the island and the world, a way of connecting and transmitting the real Ibiza sound to the fans and followers of the same.

As far as David Moreno is concerned, radio is a medium that invokes the imagination and takes the listener to a better world, one full of good feeling and moments to be shared. It is this feeling that he and his team are hell-bent on transmitting, taking the listener to a place far beyond the norms that often prevail in the clubbing world. We believe that there are thousands of people who think and feel like us.

The plan for this project is to present the authentic legends of the Ibiza and international electronic music scene on Pure Ibiza Radio – but lets not kid ourselves, we believe that the new generation of DJs and producers also play a vital role in the present and the future of the dance scene. Mixing it up, old and new, side by side, always growing and evolving, adapting to the times without losing its essence- just the way Ibiza Dance has always operated.

Get ready as we prepare to take you on a journey through sound, transporting the music of our imagination through the airwaves, creating a backdrop of beats and taking you to another world- our world, Ibiza.

This is Pure Ibiza Radio! Press play and lets enjoy the music of the island together!

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